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Julia Schiptsova founded JuliaBella LLC in 2006, after her first year of tango classes inspired her to visit Argentina, and to seek out the mysterious and sexy Comme il Faut heels. She found her way to the exclusive boutique in Buenos Aires; six pairs of divine stilettos later, she gave up her day job to become the larger distributor of Comme il Faut shoes in the US. Her collection now includes the strong and gorgeous lines for women from DNI, debalar*, SUR Tango and Arte deCalibre tango shoes. 

JuliaBella is based in Washington, DC, and has expanded to include location in  San Francisco, offering Comme il Faut, SUR at tango festivals across North America. 

Julia prides her team on its special skill of finding that unique pair for every woman. JuliaBella's oldest client so far is 75 years old, and is amazed at how well she can dance in her 3-inch stilettos, thanks to Comme il Faut's outstanding structure and craftsmanship. JuliaBella boasts a large number of repeat customers, some beyond the dance world. Many women become addicted to the brands and the expert service they receive, and even after 10-hour office days and long nights out, they swear by the killer stilettos that feel like slippers.

JuliaBella was featured in the Fall 2008 issue of Culture & Leisure Magazine, and Comme il Faut shoes made Top 10 Readers' Fashion Picks in the magazine's special 10th anniversary edition (September 2009). In addition to her growing business, Julia continues supporting the art of Argentine tango, and is proud to promote it in the US. In 2009, she co-founded the not-for-profit organization Tango Element, which is dedicated to bringing various tango programs to the American people.  JuliaBella is a proud sponsor of annual Tango Element Tango Festivals in Baltimore, MD.

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